About US

The Coliseum, symbol of the romans, hosts since 2 decades Colosseum Motorcycle Center, a specialized HONDA SERVICE assistance workshop , with it’s professionality and experience at the customer service, and with the passion of who lives motos as a life style.

If the repair requie few days, customers can be offered a courtesy scooter , essential to continue daily life and work.
Colosseum Motorcycle Center is an authorized HONDA SERVICE centre, but it obviously can give assistance to other brands because, moto means friendship.

Tourists, have access to SCOOTER RENTAL renting fora n hour, a day or week, a scooter with helmet, underhelmet and protections to live and enjoy Rome.

Colosseum Motorcycle Center is a workshop, a service center, a scooter rental, but mainly it is a place where you will find friendship and technical experience, both grown up with bikers passion.

The moto as a life style!